Making off First auto balance Scooter

Our vocation for reuse, transformation and adaptation coupled with the desire to create unique, attractive and sustainable pieces, made us create in 2014 our own electric vehicle.
The growing popularity of the Segway® model, its shortcomings in the design and lack of differentiation between competitors made us bet on a total redesign of this product.

Following our line of work, we have created the first self-balancing scooter inspired by the design of the Italian legendary motoretta from the 60’s. We can now present the first prototype of what will be the future Z-Scooter.

We believe that with this product EVs will get closer to an audience that until now considered these objects away from their reality and it will bring a fresh feel to this retro design piece but with top technology.

The first prototypes of Z-Scooter were made with parts by hand in our atelier in Barcelona, and were given the opportunity to test different self-balancing technologies until we decided to work with Ninebot®, world leader company that recently bought the American Segway®.