Making off

In 2007 we already produced decorative pieces from scrap materials, but it was that year when we decided to create the first prototype of the current Scooter Chair.

We love the legendary motorcycle from Corradino D’Ascanio. One day came to our studio a Vespa┬«chassis recovered directly from the scrap yard. We immediately knew what we to do: bring it back to life. Our idea to recover this gem by offering a brand new opportunity was creating a swivel chair. Eventually, it ended up becoming one of our most famous and recognizable pieces: our Scooter Chair.


The chair was created from completely restored chassis and poly-leather upholstered. We painted it using only high-end paintings. Thus was the birth in 2008 of the first Limited Edition of our chair: the BV-08 Scooter Chair.

From then on we decided every two years we would add an improvement or an extra to the piece. Today we have the BV-14 series, with excellent finishes and a variety of optional extras (as functional indicator, customized colors, etc.)

More than 200 units have been sold around the world. All pieces are handmade which makes each of them in a unique piece.