firma buenafuente

TV presenter Andreu Buenafuente was interested in our art project almost since the beginning. Once we created our chair BV prototype we decided to present this piece in the city of Barcelona. And we participate in the Festival de Reciclaje Artístico Drap-Art. It is an event held annually at the Centre for Contemporary Culture in Barcelona (CCCB).

Soon after, nationwide decorating magazine Casa Viva made a report on artistic recycling and included an article about our Scooter Chair. Thanks to echo that won this publication, the famous television producer  El Terrat contacted us. They were looking for a special seat for the new season decoration for its TV late show “Buenafuente”. The appearance of our chair BV on television was the final boost that brought closer our pieces to the public.

Due to the success of our chair BV prototype we decided

to create a limited edition of the Scooter Chair. It was the start of the first Chair BV Limited Edition, the BV-08.

This particular chair, hand decorated by the presenter Andreu Buenafuente with his signature and his self-portrait at the end of the season, is now part of our collection. It is for us a significant piece.