No todo es cortar

It is not just cutting

Our restoration service was born from the work of creating the Chair Scooter BV.

As a result of the many hours spent searching for pieces of scrap scooters, we found a pattern of Vespa® Sprint 150 1967 in very bad condition. Its structure, however, could still be recovered. And that is what we did.

Our initial intention was to convert that old bike in a BV Special Series chair, for being an old model very difficult to find. But our nostalgic feeling of motorcycle lovers directed us to start working on the restoration and recovery of this mythical piece.

The results were really good, according to the critics. Our recovery process respects the original Vespa® canon and its very precise finishes. We created a piece of mobile art!

Shortly after finishing this first recovery we received orders to restore different Vespa® models. In parallel, we have continued to acquire “new” models of scooter. We selected models that had potential to be converted into new and unique pieces which have helped to expand our private collection.

Not all classics that pass through bel&bel become decorative items.

We are declared scooters lovers. We like to lavish attention on our recovered pieces, renew and adapt them to the current needs. But when this is not possible, we store the parts of the rescued motorcycles in our warehouse for future creations.