SOFA 600

Model SEAT® 600 D

This sofa is made from a genuine recovered car SEAT 600. The Sofa 600 is a single piece with high quality finishes.

This sofa is only produced under demand and totally hand-made which makes it a unique product.

The piece integrates different details of the old vehicle as the lights and the sidelights with short or long range and indicators (the system is connected via a single cable directly to 230 V).

The internal structure is formed by steel and other bedsteads metal profiles, also recovered. The sofa includes original plate pieces: as the two front wings and the front part of the vehicle structure. It also has the reused original front and rear bonnet SEAT 600 Model “D”. The upholstery of this piece is genuine but in this case the upholstery belongs to a SEAT 124 car. A combination of two of the most legendary SEAT models with an updated and idealized result. In addition, the sofa features a trunk with a power outlet on the back to install a mini-bar or a stereo.

Our Sofa 600 has recovered a part of the nostalgic story of the 60’s and has become a timeless piece of art and design. The result is a durable creation loaded with symbolism.

Width: 175 cm
Height: 90 cm
Depth: 110 cm
Approximate weight: 80 Kg
Price: on request


Unique piece

The Sofa Low Rider is a unique piece built from a car SEAT 600 D. The great peculiarity of this piece is that we have maintained the rear axle and two wheels. In addition, we have adapted a hydraulic system that allows raising the sofa 1.5 meters above its base.

Width: 124 cm
Height: 94 inches (144cm at its maximum elevation)
Depth: 116 cm

Vintage Stool bar

Custom Furniture


The coolest Fridge

The OVNI Coupe 1500 is a piece produced for the exhibition Trash Cars held at the Art Center in Fabra i Coats, Barcelona, in 2012. It is created from the front and rear car remains of a SEAT 1500.
The piece serves as a fridge or a cabinet-bar and is inspired by the futuristic or retro aesthetic futurama. Formed by two distinct windscreens that hide two tanks to keep drinks cool, is designed for those caterers who want to bring an aesthetic value to their event. It has all the latest LED technology with original lighting. The inside of the refrigerators also offers programmable RGB LED light. To create a greater visual effect the OVNI Coupe 1500 can be mounted on a hydraulic base that extends its levitation effect.
Currently this unique piece is part of our collection but we offer a hiring service.

Width: 175 cm
Height: 90 cm
Depth: 110 cm
Approximate weight: 90 Kg


Custom seats

Spider seats Side Panels are constructed with the side panels of the most popular Motovespa of 80 and have been an evolution of Puff Scooter firstborn. These have been thought to occur in one or two places.
Now part of our collection and are only available in rental conditions.

Ancho: 63cm. el individual y  115 cm. el doble
Alto: 72 cm.
Profundidad: 64 cm.
peso aproximado: 17 K