All Bel&Bel pieces are strictly created on demand. Finishes, extras and customizations are always a client choice.
There is a waiting period for the production of the piece (being more or less extense, depending on the difficulty of the piece and the volume of work at the time of request).

The only form of payment accepted at the moment is through direct bank transfer. Unfortunately, other forms of payment are not currently available.
Orders are effective when the agreed amount is paid into the bank account provided by Bel&Bel (amount in full or an agreed minimum percentage to cover the production costs).

The prices of our products are in Euros and are approximate. Prices may be subject to import taxes or VAT, depending on the country of delivery. Bel & Bel is not responsible for such charges.

The images that appear on the site are accurate representations of the original product. However, the original colors may vary from the product due to the resolution of your monitor or slightly browser.

We ship worldwide from our studio in Barcelona. Bel&Bel can provide the customer a range of ports, according to destination. In this case, bel & bel will assume the possible contingencies that might happen during transport. We also offer the client the possibility to organize the collection, in which case the contingencies that might occurre during their transit will be assumed by the customer only. We recommend ensuring the shipments for the declared value of the goods.
Once completed the work we will provide detailed pictures of the finished product via electronic mail to ensure that the work is reviewed by the client to its final acceptance.
Products will not be send to its destination unless the client has accepted and confirmed the final product. Also the client must have paid in full the piece and the delivery cost if necessary.

Bel&Bel aims to maintain a close relationship with its customers and offer solutions to any kind of contingency always with the greatest degree of involvement and professionalism.
Given the unique status of the Bel&Bel products (not standardized) and their parts made on request, there is not the possibility of return for dismissal without a justified cause. Returns will only be accepted if any damage has occurred during transport or if there is some sort of hidden defect.
In these case, the customer will contact us to inform of the damage providing photographs of the piece.
Following we will assess the problem and decide the optimal solution. In this situation it is possible to return the product for repair or replacement of the affected parts, without assuming any additional cost to the customer.
The payment of the product involves the acceptance of our return policy.

All products include a guarantee for damage caused by a defect in material or workmanship of the product. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser. Each warrant is subject to inspection by our staff and the final decision will be made after a thorough examination by our authorized personnel.
Our warranty does not cover under any circumstances related to the misuse damage or poor maintenance of the product, or damage resulting from an accident.

To make a prior order, sometimes you can choose the color of the products and stickers or logos. This customization, in some cases, at an additional cost.
Any custom design will be communicated by email to hello@belybel.com and will be taken into consideration.